Monday, August 3, 2015


Theo is six!  So since he is six and about to be a first grader he does all kinds of big kid things...
Jump off big diving boards
Water ski on a paddleboard (a sport we invented)
Swim in the lake
Get buried in sand
Theo's personality is the same as always, sweet, oh so funny, brainey, and persistant.  We love you big boy, Happy Birthday!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Lamb Marking

Helping our friends with their lambs is our springtime family tradition!  It was hot this year.  We camped on the shore of a creek which kept the boys entertained endlessly!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Back on the slopes!

Winter came late but we are finally getting to ski!  Brock seriously rocks the snowboard and Theo might be the cutest skier out there.  Last weekend was snowy - the quiet snow that is just so peaceful and dreamy...

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Fall Fun and Randomness 2

Theo is now riding his Oset with no training wheels. Cory likes to take them to the park so they can do loops, its less stressful than chasing them :)
Papa J brought over a hunk of dry ice to play with.
Brock discovered my old Ipod (a classic now) and he loves to listen with his head phones. It is so cute to listen to him singing to my old music.
Theo's beloved baby Hughey is creepier than ever.
Snuggling Jake, head stands, and parachute fun.

Fall Fun and Randomness 1

Keva planks provide endless indoor fun at our house!
We spent Fall Break at the beach, Cory and I for a couple days and the boys for a week. It was like 80 degrees there - the boys looked like they had been in Hawaii when they got back :)
Halloween - Theo the spooky, goofy skeleton. Whemple's Pumpkin patch is our favorite! The corn maze was incredible - we didn't come close to finishing it.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Jobs, School and Sports

In August the boys started school. Brock is now in second grade and Theo started Kindergarten. We have awesome teachers this year and both boys are doing great and love school (almost as much as they love breaks:)) We have been so lucky to make great new friends through school and, of course, we enjoy having cousin Carlee there too. Here are some pictures from the first day.

Cory started a new job in August as well! I didn't take pictures of his first day:) This is a huge change for our family! He left his company of 11 years to take a Senior Planner position at the University (yes we work on the same campus!). After a lengthy application period, a four hour interview, and an agonizing decision to leave his other job, he is loving his new work! His new work schedule means no commuting and no traveling. This allows him to pick up the boys from school each day and just be around us more. More vacation and same holidays too - bonus! He enjoys his work and the department he is working in as well. Change is hard, but good!

Brock played on a flag football team this Fall with some of his friends from school. I had to talk him into playing (he is always hesitant and slightly skeptical that child), but it turns out he is a serious baller. Get him on the field and he is a maniac. Aggressive (too aggressive for flag football) and intensely competitive, oh and pretty darn good too. He might have inherited this intensity from his family - just saying. It was a blast to watch him and the other kids learn plays and focus on having fun (though they were all tallying every point - its fun to win too). The coaches were friends of ours and they did a great job with the kids. And the kid who didn't want to play at first, is now bothering me about the next season. He loved it! Here is my handsome football player: